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01 Th06, 2018
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***ACHTUNG! (GANZ) WICHTIGE DURCHSAGE - Podcast ist da!***

Hat auch einen (ganz) guten Namen: ENDORPHINE FÜR DELFINE! Gibt’s (ganz) sicher überall wo es Podcasts gibt.

Wenn du unsere Interviewformate Scratched und Song-Tindern okay bis mittelmäßig sehr gut findest, dann magst du den sicher auch ein bisschen. Wir (Walerija und Johannes) machen da nochmal alle Lampen an und blicken auf die Dinge, die ihr bei den Interviews hier bei VImatch nicht sehen konntet, weil keine Kamera lief. Wir sprechen außerdem über spannende Aussagen und Backstagebereiche und machen Delfine nach. Das letzte klingt sicher überzeugend!

Hier gibt es den Link zu Spotify, iTunes und anderen sehr tollen Podcastanbietern im Universum:


Das etwas andere Interview mit "Why Don't We: Unser DASDING Song-Tindern! Warum lieben die fünf Jungs von "Why Don’t We" „Cotton Eye Joe“ so sehr und warum covern sie so gerne „Despacito“. Und wie lautet der geheime Code zu ihrem Tresor? In unserem Song-Tindern mit "Why Don't We" sprechen wir drüber.

Wisch nach rechts wenn dir der Song gefällt! Das ist das Prinzip. Im Song-Tindern verraten uns unsere Gäste und Stars welche Songs sie feiern und welche sie hassen.

Im Song-Tindern sprechen wir mit "Why don’t We" auch über ihre große Bewunderung für Ed Sheeran, ihre Liebe zu Trap-Beats und über Unfälle auf der Bühne.

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Why do the five guys from Why Do not We Love “Cotton Eye Joe” so much and why do they like to cover "Despacito"? And what is the secret code to their vault?

Swipe to the right if you like the song! That's the principle. Song-Tindern: Our guests and stars tell us which songs they love and which ones they hate.

In the interview with Why don’t We we also talk about their great admiration for Ed Sheeran, their love for trap-beats and about accidents on the stage during their shows.


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  • 4:06 stop hahaha daniel sounds like that doctor in phineas and ferb or like... adventurous adventures of one direction aaood

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  • 10:35 Corbyn: i was born in 1920 so im a little bit older but i take care of my skin And then “more like benjamin pin” IM DYING HAHA

    Kratofil AlexandraKratofil Alexandra2 tháng trước
  • Salfok bajunya zach anjir

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  • Zach con lentes mi religión 🛐

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  • 2247

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  • When Corbin said “i wonder what would happen if j pushed you over then” I burdted out with laughter

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  • Oh Gott das sind ja noch Kinder 😱 ich mag die Musik sehr und hatte die für Mitte 20 erwartet

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  • Corbyn: *seems slightly offended about people not liking a chemistry lesson* 1:24

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  • The music that Jack was talking about I had it in music class

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  • Corbyns comment to Bibis Song 😂 I can't😂, that so funny when they recognize who she is.

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  • It looks like theyre at the place where the teacher always sings in sid the science kid

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  • Why don't we

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  • okey I lost it when wap bap was playing

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  • 0:49 best part

    Jana SalmaJana Salma6 tháng trước
  • when "wap bap" started playing my head was like🤠🔫 later: Daniel: bibi, I'm so sorry I didn't know ur song WHAT🤡

    rod is fishingrod is fishing6 tháng trước
  • Here's a link that will show up in my very important

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  • Here's it for the last few years ago and I to be able to make a great day in the top of my mind and I to be able to make it to the top of your head you can grand me and I to love eyes you ♥

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  • Omg I had a jazz dance to cotton eyed joe lol they would have loved that

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  • 3:15 look at Daniel face oh God still a kid 😂😂

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  • Corbyn has to be a perfectional rapper.

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  • Am I the only German here?

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  • When i think jack was talking about his dad playing in the hall of mountian king i legit died because i can play that on the piano

    ginny weasleyginny weasley7 tháng trước
  • When jack was talking about the piano and they played the song I automatically thourght of the pi song. 3.1415936535

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  • Zach getting happy is the best feeling in my soul

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  • it was so cringe when the guy played "how it is". bibisbeautypalace is one of the biggest youtubers in germany

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  • Ok but I feel like I'm the only one here who actually understands German bc it's my first language-

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  • The fact that Zach have something written in Arabic on his shirt just made me SO HAPPY 😆♥️

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  • Jack "im the smartest in the band" Also jack "london" If you know you know

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  • 13:54 Corbyn.... you just.... wow... CORBYN FOR PRESIDENT

    michael clifford’s wifeymichael clifford’s wifey8 tháng trước
  • zach, i also had a knee dislocation and the pain WAS horrible! 3 people had to hold me down on the stretcher and i was still fighting them. they had to give me morphine to calm me down as i was 8 months pregnant which they dont normally do but they had no choice.

    chef rainbow blauntchef rainbow blaunt8 tháng trước
  • oh did they really meet on tinder?

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    • @Sarah lol

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    • no lmao

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  • Corbyn: there's a lot going on, bit just in America, but in the world 2020: oh, you have NO idea

    hello, Zuko herehello, Zuko here8 tháng trước
  • Ahw why don't they like rammstein I am not Germany I am Netherlands but still Germany is sooo funny to talk and lissen to and their shows are soooo amezing

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  • My favourite parts of this video... 2:41 - That was so cool, great one Corbyn 3:42 - Jonah talking like Louis Tomlinson 4:04 - Daniel talking in "German" WITCH accent 🤣🤣🤣 4:15 - Jack talking in Russian accent instead of German 4:31 - "Im the smartest in the band" (Hey, London is a country 🤣) 4:59 - Look at Zach's reaction, he's like "Hey, Jack, your hair... DUDE YOUR HAAAAIR!!!" 🤣🤣🤣 6:42 - "I felt really scared......." 🤣🤣🤣 #Jachary 6:54 - Zach hugging Jack, thats so sweet, #Jachary 7:30 - "THAT WAS MEE" 😂😂😂 7:48 - "You're a STARR....... A GREAT BIG SHINING STARRRR" (then Zach turned into a child) 🤣🤣🤣 8:06 - "Dude I'm a star" (yes you are) 😂 8:13 - "That's soo cute........... That's the ugliest baby I've ever seen" 🤣🤣🤣 #AnotherJACHARY 9:15 - "I was in the WOOM" (haha, no one noticed that) 9:27 - "I heard my mom listening to music" 😅 (Then followed by Corbyn's very cute laugh) 9:54 - Them partying because its Cotton Eye Joe 😂😂😂 12:57 - "She needs to buy baby wipes ASAP" 🤣🤣🤣 14:30 - *plays Thinking Out Loud, then Daniel: "Oh its Shape of You" 😂😂😂 16:17 - "We do have a volt, and the code is ****" Alright fine, all parts of the video are my favorite because you know, its Why Don't We.... Ik its unhealthy doing this at midnight, but still 🤣🤣🤣...

    Cyron AzraelCyron Azrael9 tháng trước
  • 3:42 Jonah talking in British accent, he sounds exactly like Louis Tomlinson!!! Why is no one pointing that one out???

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  • hey, we're Why Don't We and we can make songs on the spot and harmonize really well but we don't really say that in front of people because we are pure, and adorable, and talented and humble. :)

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  • I love that Zach said the vault code by accident and immediately regretted saying it...he was speaking so fast that by the time he caught onto it, it was too late to stop himself

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  • Little did they know that Ed Sheeran would help write another song for them.... "What Am I". :)

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  • in ze band

  • 1:52 Jonah: *"an then when we sang it and like we sounded kinda spanish singing it, we felt really cool"* No one: Not a single person: 7:49 Everyone: "awwww zach your a star" 8:06 Zach: "IMMA STAR!!" 8:16 Jack: *that is the ugliest baby i've ever seen"* Corbyn: *"i wonder what would've happened if i've pushed you over when you were that little"* 9:06 *"YUH"* also at 2:40 ok but am i the only one impressed that jack could do that thing with his mouth like that's frickin sick

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  • When Jack tried to talk with an German accent, I had to laugh so hard because I guess it's I possible for him to do a German accent (NO shit sherlock) but it sounded so funny when he triedXD I wonder what I sound like, while talking English... Because I am from Germany, and if that Sound really that horrible omg... I'll never talk English again. Okay I will. Cuz English is sooo much better to talk 😂😂

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaNăm trước
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    • welcome back!

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