Wonderful Cake Decorating Ideas | 25 Various Cake Decorating Recipes

20 Th05, 2020
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We will show you how to make 25 different cake decorating with the easiest \u0026 beautiful way ever, 25 delicious cake decorating tutorials in one video!

  • Well by Chinese standards those ugly, dry cakes may look good.

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  • wo is the win😅

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  • Amazing talent. But I'm sure sometime didn't see the end product

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  • 3:42 very nice.

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  • So like, do they eat the extra pieces of cake and do they throw away the extra frosting after??

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  • Super cakes

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  • What a talented young man !! Love it Adelaide Australia💕

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  • Awesome talent.

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  • 6:26 money? Will you eat?

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  • Ok but who eats the huge cakes after wards? 😂

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  • Incredible and all, but they’re wasting a lot of cake etc.

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  • A lot of decoration and the cake is almost disappearing. I wanna eat a real good cake, not an artwork.

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  • 3:33 you don't wanna eat that, you keep that!

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  • i really like these cakes

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  • This dude seriously deserves some recognition I mean like who else wants him as a personal baker

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  • No digo existen decoraciones fantasticas ya que mira estas son fantasticas y no todos pueden hacer esas creaciones tan fantasticas

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  • Can I know this name

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  • Please share two livelihood channels. 😢😢🤍

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  • Wandrfull cake decorating Thank for sharing video 💞 and stay connected your channel 👍👍🙏

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    • Hi Mita, how are you doing?

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    • Yes it is and one of the beautiful cake I seen.

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  • Oque será q é feito c os pedacinhos q ele corta né!😁 aaaaa se eu tô perto.🙊😂😂

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  • Wonderful

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  • Какие молодцы как всё делают красиво, профессионально а ведь такие ещё молодые, ручки у вас золотые! Удачи вам на все времена, хороших продаж! Ммммм как вкусно даже с экрана!!!!

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  • The best thing was they are preferring gloves for it😊

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  • Ur cake r just beautiful

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  • Does anybody know his name?

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  • Talented guy, so much attention to detail. Just because something is poured over a cake does not mean it is wasted. I bake and anything that can be reused or turned into something good and different then it is used. Never waste ingredients, coming up with new goodies with left over items is always good. I am amazed by his talent, fan in South Carolina, U.S.A

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  • Who ever is buying this cake will get a tummy ache

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  • Wow tasty yammy

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  • Doesn't matter how creative and gorgeous that cake is. What matters is that I'm gonna put them in my stomach.

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  • Wt is the name of this cake Maker

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  • 3:09 'I was scrolling through TikTok, seeing that a lot of things are turning into cake. I soon remember that my prom is coming soon, I got to check up on my dress... But it's cake'

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  • I like how people love the passion they put into their work and feel so happy and stisfied

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  • I stumbled across something on youtube, and it was great. Search "ventilator by asim jaffri" and you'll know why! Amazing short story.

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  • masterpiece 😁👍

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  • I really hope they don't get rid of the scrap cake, they can turn those into cake pops and sell them

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  • 4:00 я так и не понял как это съесть?

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